(Giving Sickle cell warriors and their families a voice to be their own advocates in telling their stories.)

WorriorSpeaks! Program encourages kids living with sickle cell of all ages and their families to share their creative talents, skills and innovative ideas with the world. Participants are particularly encouraged to create powerful and compelling works that express the pain, struggles, triumphs and hopes of living with sickle cell disease and trait. It is open to children living with SCD or trait, as well as adults with SCD and their children. Siblings of Children living with SCD who are not ‘Sicklers’ or trait are also encouraged to participate, they too have stories to tell.


– Free Screening and Testing
– Genetic counseling, consultancy and referral.
– Dietary support
– Capacity building and economic empowerment of adult warriors and caregivers.
– Organize events like fun and talent search days to enable identification of children with special talents that can be nurtured and developed to make them highly valued members of the society.