Our Project's Blueprint

Since its development, Tumaini Sickle Cell Organization has worked closely with communities by supporting interventions targeting  1,300 families affected with Sickle Cell Disease(SCD), in Kisumu county. It is in this light that a Sickle Cell Diagnostic and Support Centre project was proposed. The project aims at starting a health
Centre that responds to the needs of children living with Sickle Cell Disease.

TSCO will collaborate with Health departments to complement the initiatives of the Government of Kenya in caring for and supporting children with SCD. Additionally, With the establishment of a sickle cell centre or unit at the Nyahera Sub-county Hospital, the project will mainstream SCD awareness and education in the community while offering continuous monitoring of those who test positive for SCD.

The Health Staff will be equipped with adequate skills to identify, treat and refer Sickle Cell patients whenever they deem it appropriate. The unit will have a fully functional laboratory focusing on the test for Sickle cell. In addition, the unit will offer essential medication to enrolled patients while monitoring their response to treatment and identifying the type of care they might need.