Our Vision

To become a Centre of Excellence for Sickle Cell awareness, education, treatment, prevention and research in Sub Saharan Africa.

Tumaini Sickle Cell Organization

Tumaini Sickle Cell organization was started to partner with leading medical agencies, medical professionals, research institutions and other key stakeholders to support comprehensive, multi-disciplinary state-of-the-art treatment and research on SCD.The idea was conceived in 2018 by a mother whose daughter is living with sickle cell disease, hence, the proposition to start a support group of adult sickle cell warriors and caregivers of children born with SCD. The support group was later registered officially with the NGO coordination board in December 2020.

Tumaini Sickle Cell Organization works to promote and support the psycho-social, physical and emotional well-being of individuals living with SCD. Our main endeavor is to improve the quality and standard of life of those living with Sickle Cell Disease.We find joy in seeing Children born with Sickle Cell Disease living healthy throughout their lives to adulthood and beyond without suffering devastating effects of the Disease.

Our Mission

To support sickle cell awareness, education, management, state- of-art treatment and research, and to bring hope to Sickle Cell warriors and families affected by this devastating disease